Help with Kora Explorer

I purchased a Kora Explorer integrated a while back (3 years ago) for use by my little brother. He has moved and now has difficulty "getting it to play". He lives 5 hours away in the wilderness so I can't hook it up for him. I'm sure he has the speakers connected properly, but no matter what source input he connects the CD player, no sound. I was wondering if this integrated had a pass through switch or "jumpers" connecting the pre-amp and amp. Any ideas could help me make him happy!
Contact Joe at JCAudio ( He can answer any Kora-related question or guide you to the appropriate source.
Possible causes. (1)Power switch on back not turned on.(2)Internal fuse blown. The Explorer has a "passive" pre-amp section. Tubes might be non-functional. Just opened mine up to tighten the bidding posts and funny don't recall seeing a fuse but all the reviews say there's one there. Great sounding int. amp! Are the two front LED lights on and does the tube glow in the window? Good luck. Bill
Hi, The fuse location is on the back, under the IEC jack for the power cord. Regards, Jerry
There are two fuses between the heat sinks along w/ the fuse mentioned by Jgeyer.