Help with integrated amp choice

New to the site and admittedly proabably not at the level of sophistication of most on here but here goes.
Attempting replace my Denon 750 for around 2k driving a pair of Polk 10s 
Have had hooked up the NAD 368 and now the Nova 300.
First question with no input and the amp maxed out should there be any noise (hum/buzz)
Second it may be just my bad audio memory but the  Denon just seemed to be more accurate.
Now I know that may sound like heresy to some but is it my ears or my expectations?
Using California labs CD for the testing
I’m lost  just trying to listening to 60 - 70rock
Would appreciate any help and direction
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"First question with no input and the amp maxed out should there be any noise (hum/buzz)"

Hmm...Is that a "critical listening" mag reviewer thing?
Maybe a used Parasound Halo?  New it goes for around $2500.  In silver, I think it is a really good looking piece.  Stereophile has a full review on it.

On Audiogon right now.

Hegel H-160

Simaudio Moon 240i

less expensive Creek Evolution 100A

Halo is also a good rec. when one's to be had.


My thoughts went to the Parasound Halo as well. It's also a Stereophile Class A recommended component, and is thousands of dollars less than any of their other Class A rated integrated amps. Such a powerhouse too, at 160 wpc into 8 ohms and 240 into 4 ohms.

Also has built-in DAC accepting multiple inputs and formats, headphone amp, good phono stage for both MM and MC, and analog bass management circuit.
Appreciate the confirmation and additional comments @johnnyb53

I have been tempted by that integrated for some time now but keep finding other ways to spend my audio dollars!

I think @twoleftears has some good suggestions too, esp. re a Hegel. The integrated I have instead of the Halo is in fact an H-200 (purchased used).

Good luck to the OP.  Apart from some hum when phono input is selected (Grado cart on a Technics table), I’m happy my system is dead silent with volume max’d out and nothing playing.

used prices on the H-160 are quite good, as it has just been replaced by a new model...
Thanks everyone 
This was valuable info.

Tablejockey not sure what your response meant?
You'll get even better suggestions here if you share what aspects of sound reproduction you're looking to improve upon and/or that are most important to you.  Knowing what kind of music you listen to really isn't enough to go on here. 


just poking fun. The question seems impractical.

My lame attempt at humor was ignored. Never mind.

The Creek Evolution 100A is an excellent choice.  Very versatile and sounds great.  
Vincent -237. Great sound and won't break the bank.
I’m i just trying to get back to where I was with prior equipment
it seemed to me that both the NAD and Nova 300 lacked transparency and presence. They both seemed smooth and with my Polks never got adequate highs to suit me.
wonder if the Denon was always bright and matched with the Polks propped up their deficiencies in the high end?
Plinius Inspire 980.  Full disclosure... I’m selling mine on Agon right now.  
Gotta give a big shout out for either the Hegel h160 or h300.
Both can be had at bargain prices right now, both have competent DAC built in
The h300 boasts 250wpc, the h160 has 150wpc, both into 8 ohms.
Both are very dynamic punchy amps with great control over vast majority of speakers.
And the prices these can be had for right now is just

Parasound Halo also a very stout piece and excellent all rounder.
Buy a PrimaLuna Dialogue integrated on Agon. You’ll be blown away. They rarely come up and you have to buy immediately when you find one. They’re that good. 
Find a good second hand Devialet, you won’t regret it
Not to be too mercenary, but I just listed my nearly new Peachtree Nova 300. It’s a great choice for you and extremely flexible. When I bought mine, i considered the parasound, the prima luna, or a Micromega. Came down to the peachtree the Micromega. Peachtree won out because it’s sound had a bit more “meat on the bone.”  There are lots of choices in the all in one market now. Most are pretty good. (Also, the Moon Neo Ace is pretty outstanding - I’ve heard it and it’s sweet and detailed vice the “meatier” bigger sound of the Peachtree - matter of taste). Good luck with your search.