Help with Integrated Amp Choice

Hello all,
I have been doing some searching in the archives and I have not been able to resolve my question, so I will start a new thread. What I am trying to accomplish is to have a dedicated 2 channel integrated amp for music listenin at the same time being able to connect to my home theater reciever, therefore the amp would need to have a HT bypass. Well that question has been answered for me by choosing an integrated amp with that feature such as Sim Moon I5 or the Plinius 8200MKII. My overall question is what are peoples opinions on what types of music these two amps prefer. My listening choices are from jazz/blues through rock with a taste for bass (like some old/new RUSH). Anyway wondering what peoples opinions are on those two amps, also I am somewhat interested in the Musical Fidelity either 3.2 or 308 which I believe would need to be modified with the HT pass-through. I will be running this amp into a pair of gold reference 60 Monitor Audio speakers. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Of the 2, go for the Plinius ,IMHO, for the following reasons:
- More power
- More air around the notes along with large soundstage and great dynamics
- Better resale value

In long term listening, Simaudio amps tend to sound a little dark, foreboding, "solid state" (steely?) and conveying less of the music emotion. YMMV.

However, if you can wait, Plinius is due to ship their new 9100 (120W) and 9200 (200W) soon. The amp circuitry is based on their new Odeon...And while you're at it, contact Totally Wired in NZ for the Slinky Links silver interconnects. Many people who have heard them together think that are a match made in heaven.
Check out the VAC Avatar Tube Integrated Amp. It has the HT bypass AND a great tube amp for your musical preference - warm and lush. I've checked out other solid state amps too, like the MF A3.2, etc, but decided on tube for its flexibility. Check it out.

Belles 250i 125/125 watts + remote
tube preamp section/mosfet output

Few amps can match its performance at any price.