Help with IC and Speaker cables

Hi everyone,
I just bought a YBA Pasion integrated amplifier along with a YBA CD3 Delta CD player. I also got a pair of Verity Audio Fidelio speakers.
The store recommends Siltech SQ-88 IC and Siltech LS-80 speaker cables... The only thing is that I don't have $3,500 to put on cabling... Does anyone have any suggestion regarding ICs and speaker cables for my system. I'm considering YBA Diamond IC and speaker cables. These cables are pretty good (and a lot cheaper) but don't offer the articulation that the Siltechs offer. I also considered smaller Siltech speaker cable but the lower frequencies are not as room filling...

I also considered a set of Cardas golden reference. Lower end was good but then again found they were not as articulate as the Siltechs...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...
Lgregoir, The YBA generally works best with YBA cabling. I can offer you Omega Mikro at a good price and there is a 30 day money back guarantee.Good luck on your quest! Tom
In my systems I find the Granite Audio #470 silver interconnect, Bear Lab Silver Lighting, and Cardas Golden reference to be very articulate and musical. I have never tried the Siltechs.
Hi Lgregoir, Very nice system you have assembled. I can understand why you like the Siltech. If I were going to spend a lot of money on wire, Siltech would be at the top of my list. Please read the opinions on the Sakura OTA Cable Kit. You will spend no more than $600 to wire up your entire system. The OTA is hard to beat at any price. IMO, it will be worth your time to do some homework on this very fine sounding wire. Ensemble is another one to do some research on. I hope you find that perfect fit. Your system deserves it.
I'd like to suggest Virtual Dynamics cables. They are getting rave reviews from users (like myself). I've discovered you don't have to spend big bucks to get a great product. The URL is:
Teh Siltech's are the best IMO for the last word in resolution. A cheaper and almost as good alternative is the Pure Note Epsilon Reference Check the archives here for other opinions.
Lgregoir,go at last to Siltech LS-80 G3.I use a pair and they are awesome!Enjoy!