Help with Hydra Power Conditioner

I have a rather modest stereo that I am pretty happy with. Rotel RX1052 reciever, Rotel RCD1072 CDP, VPI HW19jr. TT, and Dynaudio 52SE speakers. I use Nordost Cables and interconnects. All was happy until I hooked up a Shunyata Hydra 4 to the system that was loaned by a freind. I was shocked. The improvement was very surprising, I was hearing background instruments that I did not know were there, I could hear notes and instruments in more of a three dimentional position, base extenstion was very surprising. AND, the cost of this little experiment was rather, well, costly. My question, is this a bit much of an upgrade for my system? Do I need to spend a huge amount on power cables or are the more modest after market cables a good choice. Any input would be much appreciated. thanks, Dave
Dave. You just got hooked. My advice: Since you noticed a big difference with the Hydra, buy one. Don't worry about the other stuff for now. However, you won't be able to help yourself. You'll start upgrading because you'll come to the realization that it can keep improving. Just take it slow and stay within your budget.
I agree with Frankg's suggestion/comments above, however I also believe that because the Hydra made such an improvement in your system it indicates that perhaps your AC power delivery system needs or would benefit from some upgrades. This would assist in improving the entire sound of your system as the Hydra did. You have to hear this for yourself to believe it, just as the Hydra workout in your system.
Do you have at least two dedicated AC circuits?
Are you using quality AC outlets that are perhaps cryo'd such as the Porter Port or others available on Audiogon?
I currently live in an apartment so re-wiring the building is out. I would imagine that this also adds to the garbage in the power system of the building as there are a lot of appliances going at all times, etc. Thanks for your feedback, Dave.
Another drug addict. Start saving your money... :)

If you love it keep it. Sure you can do other things...but enjoy this. The good thing about the hydra, or other power cords you may get, is you can keep them as your system changes.

If you like the sound of the Hydra consider it for your system, mine was a worthy investment. Get one with the amount of outlets you need (the Hydra 8 is not the only option, I use a Hydra 4 and it works great for me). And don't go for the expensive powercables unless you own high end gear. Sidewinders and Copperheads from shunyata are probably the way to go. I can tell you from personal experience that the powercord to the hydra is not as critical as the ones from the hydra to your components so consider investing more into those (otherwise you'll end up on the upgrade merry-go-round like most people here). I can tell you that the copperhead beat the cardas golden reference powercords and audioquest nrg-5 hands down and was better in the highs than the revelation audio labs precept II powercord in my system (but the precept II was better everywhere else and even better than the Taipan alpha on my amp ... except of course in the highs).

One thing that you've found out is for sure: the hydra makes a considerable difference in any system that it enters, particularly digital front ends that tend to suffer most from dirty AC power such as the one in buildings where AC line sharing is common. I live in an apartment too and completely understand your position. I have a shunyata cryo'd outlet but have yet to install it, because after setting up the system I'm so hooked that I am relentless to unplug it all ... and pull the rack out in order to access the standard outlet (which probably retails for under $1 at home depot) but I may try it out some day ... my dealer did recommend a circuit upgrade to 20 amps before installing the shunyata outlet to hear the full benefits ... not a possibility in my apartment.

cheers and keep us posted on your decision.
Yep, you're in trouble now. The most significant upgrade that I made to my system was a really good power conditioner.

Once the noise floor drops and you start hearing the subtle things you've never heard before, it's addicting. You'll be amazed with what you'll start hearing, and realize that the artists you're listening to are even better and more creative than you ever imagined.

Have fun, and remember that the next step will probably be to power cords and then on to the interconnects and speaker cables. The shielding is critical in all of them to keep extra noise out of the signal so that you can hear what the artist actually created on the record or CD.
I found a big improvement with a dedicated circuit and power conditioner. I have been experimenting having my amp on or off from the conditioner and actually find that my system sounds more open when it is plugged directly into the wall. The impact of the conditioner for my old tube TV was astonishing, friends were asking me if we had a new TV.
I am now the proud owner of a little hydra 4 and three new Shunyata power cables. This is pretty excitting stuff. I hope to post a review this weekend. Thanks alot for all your input.
Good man, welcome to the club ... give the shunyata's plenty of time to break and settle in (at least 100 hours, but 200 will help even more), even the hydra needs at least 100 hours to fully break in. Some of the things you will notice with this gear is that the highs will be less strident/overemphasized without losing resolution and the whole presentation will sound more organic, and overall more pleasant with improvements in soundstage and detail and dynamics also. Have fun and congratulations.