help with HT setup?

I have completed my 2 channel setup and am ready to update the HT portion of the system. I have CJ 2 channel amp and preamp. Pre has a processor loop in which is plugged an Adcom GSA-700 which is a 3 channel amp with pre-processor. The Adcom is pro logic and needs to be replaced/upgraded. Adcom makes a GDD-1 which is a Dolby digital decoder which upgrades the GSA-700. However it does not have DTS (is this important?). Is there another product similar to this with DTS which will allow me to use the GSA-700 or should I get a HT receiver and use the amp of the receiver to drive the center and rears? If I use a receiver, how do I tie the CJ equipment and receiver together? Would I still use the processor loop of the CJ as I do now? Your suggestions are appreciated
Forgot to mention that I am trying to stay at $750 or below
DTS not that important, since there is not much DTS software.
I beg to disagree with Swampwalker. Three years ago that would have been a valid statement but these days there are plenty of DTS movies and more coming out everyday. DTS sound quality is a force to be reckoned with. The sound quality is superior to any other format and definitely here to stay. Could you honestly enjoy Gladiator any other way? I think not IMO
In veiw of your budget, keep the 3 ch amp for centers and rears. Use the pre/main amp for the fronts. there are lots of threads on this. Albert just posted on how this is done. I do this, also. Then get you a used stand- alone processor w' DD, DTS.(DC1/or many other choices) --Can be had in your price range.
I think you should get a pre/proc with DTS. The sound is noticably better, not to mention some truly outstanding DTS High Definition CDs available.

I would ditch the two channel preamp. You would involve additional cables and switching to keep it. I would be surprised if your 2 ch CJ pre was that much better than the pre/proc you will buy to justify the increased complexity. Sell the 2 ch pre and use that money to buy good cables, including good power cables. simpler is better
I appreciate the suggestions so far. I should also mention that my system is used predominately for 2 channel listening about 80%-20%. Therefore I am not interested in spending the $ that I have in 2 channel for HT but would like the most bang for the buck.
Mg123>> I have a CJ PFR preamp. If I sold it at book value and added $750 I would still have less than $2k to spend. I don't know if I could get a pre-pro that would equal the CJ in 2 channel and I don't want to compromise on that. However if there is a pre-pro in the price range I would consider it. Also I have another problem to address concerning amps
Avguy>> I believe the Adcom amp-pre-pro does not allow me to bypass the pre-pro and use the amp alone. I will check the manual to make sure.
Thanks again
If you can still use the amp section of the Adcom without the processing, try to stretch your budget a bit and go for the new Outlaw 950 pre/pro. It looks to be a steal at $900. I'd keep/integrate the C-J, at least until you can compare it to the Outlaw's performance without it.