Help With Headphone Amp Repair: MF X-Cans v.2

I have a Musical Fidelity headphone amp; the X-Cans v.2. It's hardly had any use. The last time I used it was several years ago. Now, I set it up and no sound output. I slid out the circuit board and looked at the tubes which look ok and power on. I visually inspected the circuit board and it looks ok, no visible cracks or disconnects. MF uses KEF in the states to service their items, but KEF was not that interested and speaking with the service manager it seems that the cost would be in excess of the value of the unit. Can anyone here try to fix this? I am happy to pay some reasonable fee for a successful repair. If you can't do it, just return it and of course I pay all shipping. (No one at even responded to my post.)
Typically, these break at the stress points, which is were the phone jack meets the board, or internally within the phone jack. Try playing some music with the headphones plugged in and jiggle the jack around a bit. Do you hear anything?