Help with Hales Rev3

I have the Hales Rev3 which have a short. All the drivers seem to play, but I think I have a short in the crossover network. I have seen post about QSC and Madisound. Has anyone had any luck with either of these routes? Does anyone know if there is some one that can give tech info on such a problem? Thanks for any help!
Paul hales is now the chief loudspeaker designer at QSC, the commercial amplifier manufacturer. Why don't you send him an email since QSC said they would honor All HAles speaker warranty.
Hope this helps!
What Humby88 says was what the press related at one point in time except that honoring the warranty was NOT part of the press release. QSC originally was to buy the existing Hales' inventory of parts. Since then at least one person reported QSC denying that Paul is with them. Subsequent comments suggest Paul may be trying to ressurect Hales. Most recently Stereophile reported that Madisound had bought the Hales' parts inventory. Based on all that no one is currently honoring the warranty. BUT, not having first hand knowledge this is mostly conjecture. As the owner of a pair of Hales speakers any update on what Lakerat finds would be appreciated!

BTW, what are the symptoms that lead you to the conclusion that something is shorted, Lakerat? Any idea how it happened?
The speaker plays, but is heating up the channel it is on. This occurs till the amp (Bryston 4BST) shuts off. After it happened once, I carefully monitored the amp. That channel showing the clipping light; I thought the amp was bad. I took it off and hooked up a Adcom 555. The speaker played at for a few minutes, then blew a fuse in the 555. The other amp hooked up to the Hales R2s since, has been rocking along great. Speaker problem, all drivers seem to play, so I suppect a x-over short.

Update on service question: QSC refers you to which the guy there is very helpful. They have the speakers and componets. It appears that I can have the speaker fixed.

Alittle time on the soapbox: I am very disappointed in Hales, I came down to my purchasing decision and bought Hales over PSB. I did think about buying American and believe in Paul Hales and Hales as a company. Oh well, nice speakers, but the company pulled the carpet out from under me. I hope they got fat, off that deal.

Anyway, Madisound seems to be the answer to Hales problems. Good luck.LR
Thanks for the update, LR. Glad to hear you have some recourse. So far I've had no problems with my R3s and given the state of the company hope to never need repairs. My guess is the deal with Wadia (which itself may have been necessitated by then existing factors) led to the current situation. I DO love their speakers and hope to see the company ressurected at some point. Let us know how things turn out.