Help with getting best sound from room

I am in the process of upgrading our 2 channel system and would like some ideas on getting the best sound given the constraints of the room.

The room is 18 feet long x 12.5 feet wide. We sit along the 18 ft wall and have the speakers directly across from us about 10 feet away. The speakers are bookshelf types on stands and are about 8 ft apart and are out about 2 feet from the back wall which is mostly window. The ceiling ht is 8.5 feet and the walls are basic drywall material. Listening is mostly at moderate levels and consists mainly of rock, jazz, blues with some classical. Our current setup uses a Squeezebox as source playing FLAC files and a Cambridge Audio 540Av2 integrated (just purchased on this site), and older Altec 101 bookshelf speakers.

Overall we are happy with the sound but I am wondering if there are some basic adjustments that can be done to improve the sound of the room in general. Secondarily, can some input be given on the type/brand of speaker that might be a good match to the room. Budget would be <$750 for the pair.
Go to and/or and read about it.

Agree with Kal... for a little stretch (around $1k) you can get a Rives Level I design.

(or, I'd consider moving your speakers even wider apart and further from the back wall... and invest in cellular shades for the windows)
Agree with both comments above. Re: cellular shades - this is a very cost effective room treatment. Hunter-Douglas 1" cellular shades lined with aluminum work wonders at ridding the room of the dreaded "glass reflection factor". Could be very helpful depending on how much energy your loudspeakers throw to the rear (rear firing tweeters for example).
Thanks for the input so far. The window behind the speakers has vinyl vertical blinds that run top to bottom. I'm assuming those will work pretty much like the cellular shades. The speakers are sealed enclosures so there are no rear-firing tweeters, etc.

As far as additional room treatments I'd love to be able to spend $1k on them but right now that's not going to happen. We sit on a couch that is up against the wall opposite from the speakers. The good thing is the couch is slightly overstuffed and is long so it does cover alot of the wall length. Are there any wall mountable DIY treatments that others have had success with?

Also, given what you know about the room and our equipment/listening preferences are there any speakers (<$750) that might be worthwhile looking at as replacements for the Altecs. We could go with smaller tower as well as bookshelves on stands. The maximum we can really move these into the room would be about two feet off of the wall.
Vinyl blinds will function nothing like cellular shades. The cells (or even better, double cells) provide the functionality and not the surface (even if it was the surface, you are comparing relatively hard vinyl to cloth).

Some other things you can do inexpensively (after you spend some on the cellulars):
-deal with first reflection points
-bass traps (I like the Realtraps Mondo's)

Goodluck & Happy Listening
hang some deco hook rugs on your walls & perhaps a thinner cloth artwork on the wall behind the listening position. You don't mention the floor; if not carpeted then at least place some rugs strategically. Marigo tuning dots are great on glass surfaces.

You should at least look at these:

You can use the link he provides for the Tyler site to look them up.

His link to other pictures (which are a little better, not much) does not work. This should:

The pictures are lousy, but it looks like these might be the cherry cabinets which are very high in WAF.

His price is good of they are in good shape. These are good with 60 good watts. They are also fine with 200 (but not at full gain).

Others to look at would be Totem Model 1 or Totem Arros.

All of these offer pretty good resolution, but a slightly warmer sound. I would think that would be good for your room. All are good looking speakers. Search here and audio asylum for comments on these and you will learn plenty about these and otheres.

Good luck,