help with Gallo Sub-Amp

Just revieved my Sub amp to pair with my Ref 3.1's and Lexicon MC-12. Just wondering what would be the best way to hook everything up. I couldnt get any type of sound from the sub amp using the LFE channel, but i can using the left and right sub outs on the LEX. Put on "Another one bites the dust" by Queen to hear that nifty little bass line at the start but it wasnt much more impressive than without the Amp. I am guessing that i have everything set up wrong. Any thoughts would help,

go to this link on how to dial better bass with your 3.1's
using a simple resistor across the sub posts..
Thanks but the resistor can not be used because i will be using the sub amp for the second set of binding posts. The resistor is for those not using a sub amp.

I am not familiar with the Lex, but I am with the Gallo.

I just had a look at the Lex users manual. I think that none of the main audio outputs will work. Except for the "AUX" all are filtered. Those except the subwoofer filter out the lows while the subwoofer out has a low-pass filter. Problem is the Gallo has its own log-pass filter, so you end up using 2 low-pass filters which does not appear to be a good idea. The Lex's low-pass filters will preempt the Gallo's low-pass filter controls.

With respect to the "Aux", I am not sure what "reserved for future expansion" means.

The audio out of Zone 2 seem not to be filtered. If you can get Zone 2 to see the same source as the "Main Audio Outputs", these should work. Use the "var" outputs there.

Hope this helps.
Jim Bailey