help with full system cable overhaul

The time has come to address my cable situations. I've got a motley crew of hand me downs and grab bag buys: synergistic research designer ref ICs, NSB master link IC and PCs, analysis plus IC (phono) and speaker (oval 9 jumpers on speakers), transparent ultra voiced for tube on my speakers, and some random shunyata venom PCs.

I feel like I put a lot of thought into my system, except I was irresponsible with cables and just got what was around or a good deal. Some of the cables I feel are outclassed by the components. I guess I feel more comfortable starting fresh with one brand (within reason) so I can then have a starting point to evaluate everything. I listen to rock, folk, jazz, classical and electronica. I prefer immediacy and organic sound to ultra-precise (but don't want a syrupy sweet sound) . So what brands and models do you think would be a good place to start?

My system is mac mini w/ mhdt Havana dac, aesthetix janus pre, bat vk-250 amp, Dali ms-4s, and soon upgrading mmf-7/shelter vinyl rig to clearaudio performance/Lyra helikon.

Budget is around 2,000, used.

Keep your Synergistic Research cables and replace the rest with the best SR cables you can afford
Having gone through something like this a couple of years ago, I'd be careful taking recommendations without listening. I sure lost some money in the process of doing that. I eventually made my way to The Cable Company and worked through their library. You could well end up liking something you don't expect. That happened to me. I ended up liking Cardas Cross, which is Cardas's mid-price line. I figured out that I reacted badly to too much detail, and for me, in my system, most cables seemed to be obsessively focused on presenting detail and air, which was ultimately fatiguing. I needed something that did the full range, and was warm and friendly. The Cardas Cross did the job nicely, at less money than I expected.
I second the Synergistic Research recommendation, and the Cable Company suggestion. They usually have a good selection of used SR cables, and knowledgeable staff to make recommendations.

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I have found that the Cable Company's suggestions are just that...suggestions. I have rejected many cables that they have suggested and liked cables they say are not good for my system. I have Ayre equipment..and who else would know better than Ayre about the cable that sounds best with their components. They recommended Cardas. It was the worst cable I ever heard in my system. When I called Cardas they told me that it has to break in...but after almost a year I got rid of it. Every time I changed an interconnect or speaker cable or power cord, the sound improved. There are those who swear by Cardas, however, I swear at them. The only way for you to be happy with your selection is to hear the cable in your system. That is the ONLY way. There are no shortcuts. If you don't much care, any cable will do...but if this means a lot to you you must listen and evaluate the cable or for that matter - any component within your own system
thanks everyone for your ideas. A few people have said cardas would be a good match, but I can't find any aesthetix users with that match. Since I'm already invested in the synergistic cables I see the sense ofusing them in other places, but don't know if it's in the budget. I also know I'll need to spend a while evaluating and may end up having to change a lot. I'm okay waiting on pc changes, so that means I need 3 ics. I'm thinking of the hovland phono cable, but am stuck with whatto put btwn the aesthetix and the bat, and what to feed from the Havana to the aesthetix. Thoughts?
I recently moved my entire system 180 degrees in my living room, to take advantage of better coupling with loudspeakers oriented the long way, as opposed to short, as before. (Hence the name, 180 change, 360 degree improvement). My analog front end then required a 3 meter run from phono stage to line stage. I purchased Synergistic's Tesla Analog Vortex, about $700 for that length, and couldn't be happier with it. The next step up was $1600, and that was a no go for me, but what I have sure works for me, FWIW.

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I concur with seeing what the Cable Company recommends and trying that first - pretty much nothing to lose if you end up buying cables through them. Having said that, I also concur with the Synergistic Research choice. They have a wide array of products at different price levels and for me, it was the perfect fit into my system after searching a numbers of years for the right synergism (sorry...) I couldn't be happier with their cables and I have gone through a number of pretty expensive others to get to this point.

The most important thing - HEAR THE CABLES IN YOUR SYSTEM. Also, as far as you specific questions, a good Synergistic dealer can recommend several cables at different price points that will fit your applications. You might also call Synergistic - they are usually very helpful with cable matching and can also recommend a few dealers, if you don't already have one.
Give John a call or e-mail at Kool Cables Inc his cables are awesome and priced right.