Help With Fergitron Dividing Network for a custom built speaker?


I have a question about a custom speaker I once acquired and spent a little time with. I eventually parted it out after my ex-wife relocated me.....

My main system at the time included a pair of JBL 4435 speakers which I liked very much. So I like big vintage JBL speakers for some types of music. 

I kept the dividing network because I thought someday I might want to build a slightly modified pair. The speaker was purchased from a roadie who was involved with the Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies Tour. He said it was used for “side fill” on the tour. It was a massive speaker approx.. 60”H x 40"W x 30"D and constructed of 1” 22-ply Russian White Birch. It was marked as a custom creation by Fergitron Electronics. It is probably close to a JBL 4343. I kept the dividing network which can be seen here:


It used the following speakers:

  1. Gauss Cetec #1502 8 ohm tweeter (massive)
  2. JBL 2470 driver (16 ohm) 50 watt with JBL 2345 radial horn.
  3. Gauss 12” midrange
  4. Gauss #4580 8 ohm 15” woofer
  5. Fergitron #2060-3 8/16/8 ohm. 2000-6000 Hz. 200 watts.



I was thinking of building a pair myself and substituting the Gauss drivers for vintage JBL’s and having someone I know build a duplicate copy of the dividing network. I can’t find anything on Fergitron so I cannot contact them for information.  Does anyone here know anything about Fergitron and whether this network worth the effort to duplicate for a large speaker project like the one I am thinking about?


Please be helpful and merciful, I am an aspiring audiophile on a tight budget….

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