Help with European/US turntable

Can I use Pro-Ject turntable purshased in Europe in US because of power diference? From what I understand 220/110 is not problem and easy fix. Posible problem is cicle(frquency) diference 50Hz/60hz.
How to solve that problem wich will affect speed?
Thank you!
Check with project. Some motors can be dual voltage and 50 or 60 cycle. Some tables can we rewired from 220 to 110. Project engineers should be able to advise you.
If you can not find an pulley for 60 cycles you have to look for something like an used PSAudio P300 that has 50 Hz capability. It will also improve the motor performance as it has a lower distortion than mains and you can fine tune the motor supply voltage
Thank yuu!
I second the PS 300 it is what I use for my TT. You can set both volts and HZ from the front panal. Get MW2 if it was not already upgraded for smaller adjustments.