Help with ESP Concert Grands

Does anyone know if these speakers can be serviced
any longer??
Please help with any infomation, as I need to know asap for
a purchase decision.

Hi Bob!

Careful with these. Our mutual acquaintance Jeffga has owned them. The drivers are not user replacable, and the speakers cost a fortune to ship because of their size. One pair was going for $1500. not long ago, but required p/u in NY city. They also had some issues with a resistor in the crossover blowing at higher volumes, but nothing outrageously loud. Jeff does say that they are great speakers for large rooms. Jeff is in Mazatlan, but will return this weekened. I wouldn't do anything until you talk to him. Or you can call me and I'll tell you what I know. You should still have my number from our conversations about the GMA C3s.
I recently purchased a used pair from Audiogon. I have watched the used market very carefully on this speaker for sometime as I had heard special things about this product. Also, I am on a limited audio budget and try to maximize my "bang for the buck" so to speak. As you probably know the best Grand model is the more recent version with (3) 8" woofers instead of the original (2) 10" bass drivers. It is my understanding that there are several crossover versions as well within this model. The used market price on this model (3-8" woofers) is usually about $4000-5000 + shipping IMO. As I am sure you know, ESP is no longer in business and yes, due to the grill cloths, the drivers are not easily accessible. The crossover however, is very accessible. The pair I purchased had blown resistors in the midrange drivers that I did not know about at time of purchase. After my panic subsided and I received help from several VERY kind current and ex-Grand owners/dealers, I was able to replace both the Caddock resistors myself and have been up and running ever since. This was my first soldering job so it is not too difficult. Obviously, the resistors are there to prevent a much more serious problem of blown midrange drivers. Don't know how loud you listen, but I think you would have to enjoy your music quite loud or have a very large room to blow these resistors. But, I have heard different experiences/opinions on this. Also, I spoke to Sean (speaker designer) recently and he said that he hopes to re-launch ESP speakers sometime in the near future. FWIW, he is one of the nicest persons I have ever encountered in high-end audio. Most importantly, these are very musical speakers IMO. Honest and harmonically correct. I am still working on set-up etc. on my pair of Grands, but they already exceed my two previous speakers Watt/Puppies and Von Schweikert VR-6's in all areas including resolution and soundstaging abilities. The midrange is comparable to a fine electrostatic, as I have also owned several ML models. They appear to be fairly easy to drive, (I am using a 100 watt stereo tube amp)but it is my understanding that they sound even better with lots of current or in a bi-amping arrangement. Also, the set-up is best in a more near field array with about 9 to 10 foot speaker to listener distance. I think they would work fine in a smaller room as long as you can give them room in placement at the front and side walls. If you care to speak further about my experiences with the Concert Grand, feel free to e-mail me directly at

Good Luck!
Thanks for the insight from both of you, I am still thinking about
buying the pair here on the Gon.
May give you a buzz later Gary.