Help with Empirical Audio Off-ramp 3

I've been using an Off-ramp 3 in my HT rig to stream Pandora via an old Dell laptop with XP. Since this Dell laptop has a slow processor with minimal RAM, the audio quality is poor. I'd like to move the Offramp 3 to my main rig to stream Tidal. To improve data flow, I purchased a used HP laptop with a much faster processor and much more RAM. This unit will be dedicated for internet audio streaming only. Instead of XP, this laptop has Windows 7 professional.

There's a problem. This laptop does not want to recognize the Off-ramp 3. I've tried a zillion variations: adding the device, plugging and unplugging all of the cables in different sequences and different ports. I've also tried 4 different USB cables of different lengths - all high speed and shielded. I've even uninstalled and re-installed the USB drivers as per Microsoft community recommendations. No luck!

On #8 here, it states that Windows 7 needs WASAPI and Foobar. Foobar 'help' is written more for geeks than a layman like me.

Can anybody offer suggestions? First, I'd like to get the laptop to recognize the Off-ramp 3. Then, I'd like to get audio out of my speakers. Do I need WASAPI? Do I need Foobar? Help!

BTW, now my old Dell laptop doesn't recognize the Off-ramp 3 either. LOL.
Did you try to contact Steve at Empirical Audio? Maybe he can help.
The drivers that you need for Windows 7 are different than the XP drivers. If you go to Empirical Audio's website, you can download the right drivers.
Steve is away from his business for the summer and last I heard from him he was expecting to be back by mid-October. If Zd542's good suggestion doesn't work for you, I suggest emailing Steve and see if he replies.
I found the following statement at this link, from 2008:
The Off-Ramp 3 uses the native drivers on your computer, so no driver must be loaded for XP, Vista or Mac OSX.
And I note that the drivers which can be downloaded from Steve's site are indicated as being for the Off-Ramp 5. Also, given that the quoted statement refers to Vista, I would expect that it would also apply to Windows 7.

Unfortunately, though, the fact that the old laptop no longer recognizes the Off-Ramp 3 either would seem to suggest the possibility that a hardware failure has occurred. One thing you might do, if you happen to have a multimeter, is to measure the voltage that is being put out by the external 12 volt DC power supply.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al
I believe Steve told me the posted drivers should work with the older off-ramps but we were discussing a connection problem I am having with an Off-Ramp 4 and Linux (from my Antipodes DX), and not an Off-Ramp 3 and XP drivers, so things could be different with the older unit and XP.
My solution is going to be to upgrade to the latest Off-Ramp iteration but I cannot do that until Steve is back.
However, he has responded to email and may be able to provide advice to the OP remotely.
Al is the man! The flimsy wall wart that came with the Off-ramp 3 tested okay for 12v. But, the voltage did seem to fluctuate a little. I substituted another one that I had. Bingo! Both old and new laptops recognized the device instantly as Empirical 1.1. Yeah! Al, which do you recommend for a new power supply - this one with 12v or that one?

The bad news is that no music is coming out of the laptop with Windows 7 Pro. Music is coming out of the laptop with Windows XP. Allegedly, the Off-ramp 3 is plug and play - unlike Versions 4 & 5. But according to the Empirical Audio website, it says here that WASAPI is needed. I downloaded and installed Foobar with WASAPI and ASIO4All to the laptop with Windows 7. Still, no luck with getting audio.
Success! By right-clicking on the speakers icon, I discovered a sub-menu that wasn't there before. It defaulted to 96Hz. I changed it to 44.1. Voila! Music is coming out of the speakers. Thx all for your help. Al, which power supply do you like?
"09-18-15: Mitch2
I believe Steve told me the posted drivers should work with the older off-ramps but we were discussing a connection problem I am having with an Off-Ramp 4 and Linux (from my Antipodes DX), and not an Off-Ramp 3 and XP drivers, so things could be different with the older unit and XP."

What distro are you running?
No idea Zd542. Antipodes uses Linux for their servers and the DX I have sounds great directly from the unpowered USB output into my Metrum Pavane. I purchased an OR4 because I was interested in whether any further gains could be made with the Off-Ramp but after trying a bunch of stuff, and consulting with both Steve and Antipodes' very responsive support, they simply do not work together. However, I was told that Antipodes and Off-Ramps typically do work well together. When Steve returns, I will discuss upgrading my OR4 and, if I choose to go that route, I will let Steve and Antipodes figure out what is needed so they work together.
Glad I was able to help, Steakster, and thanks for the nice words.

Neither of the links you provided for the possible replacement power supplies works, however. I did find what appeared to be the item the first link refers to, though, and as you may realize (based on your wording) it is a 9 volt supply, rather than the required 12 volts. So let us know the links that were intended.

Also, of course, you'll want to verify that the replacement has a current rating that is at least as great as the rating of the original supply. And you'll want to verify that the center pin on the replacement has the same polarity as on the original, that being positive in most but not all cases.

-- Al
Sorry about the broken links. Here's one unit. Can't find the other - probably sold. With a budget in mind, I purchased a used one of these. It was highly recommended by another audio group. I'll take care with the cable terminations. Later this week, I'm looking forward to checking out Tidal's HD streaming service. Thx, again.
I don't see any issues with the Astron supply you ordered. The description of the other one, though (the TeraDak), is not particularly confidence inspiring because 1.8 amps x 12 volts = 21.6 watts, not 30 watts as described.

Enjoy! Regards,
-- Al