Help with Electron Kinetics Eagle 400 amps. Schematic please.

Hello. Long shot. Searched the web over, no results. I need a schematic for Eagle 400 amps. I think they are monoblock versions of the 2A. I am well aware of EKSC, but they are not answering the phone or emails anymore. I am not even sure if Russel Sherwood is alive or if so, healthy enough to do business. So giving me a link to is not going to help me. Thank you for any help in this matter.

EKSC supplied a schematic with his DIY cap replacement kit. I am hoping some here may have those schematics on file and can present a PDF.
They can be tricky to fix! I repaired one about 25 years ago (but after the designer disappeared) and even then schematics were almost impossible.
You're simply going to have to test every semiconductor in the amp (and if need be, out of circuit) including diodes. Then you're going to have to find suitable replacements. That in itself is tricky, as you can't just go to ebay since there are so many Chinese counterfeits that won't meet spec. IMO that is your biggest challenge- much more so than finding a schematic!