Help with distorsion on start up of home theater

Hey all , it seems when i turn on my yamaha reciever and power up my bryston amp I get a distorted sound. If I turn on one before the other it does not make a difference. And if I play the distorted sound through the speakers it warms up and after about 25min it finally comes around. The distorted sound is very audible , it sounds like a dirty volume nob with the music cutting in and out. Does any one know what gives here. I also unhooked the bryston and the interior amps seem to play fine. I also hooked up the bryston to another preamp of a friends and it seemed OK.

If anyone knows anything I would appreciate some thoughts on the matter. Thanks in advance.
Sounds much like the problem my sister reported to me on a Yamaha CR 1040 reciever I gave her many years ago. Recently she told me of distorted sound and volume level changes. A good internally cleaning of the controls are in order. If you up to it get some electro cleaner for such a purpose and after unplugging the unit, spray it quite well. Of course make sure all is dry before you plug it back in. Sometimes just rotating the volume knob and such quickly several times will surfice, if your not up to doing the internal spraying.

I'm in the process of doing this for her and replacing a few burnt out lamps. While doing this for her I have let her use a much more recent Sherwood unit. It surprised me that she could hear the difference in the two, and that she wants her now twenty plus year old reciever back.
Well , thanks for the advice and I should try and spray the preouts well. It seems it has to do with heat. I hooked up a hair dryer and blew it at the preouts and the unit came around much quicker. Like two minuets on High.

I know about the dust in the volume thing as I have fixed alot of equipment for friends. This problem sounds like a dirt dust thing , just not in the volume area.

The Yamaha could be loosing the lock on the digital signal.
Check your digital interconnect to see that it is well seated.

Good luck!
Leave the Yamaha on all the time! That would solve a part of your problem, it doesn't like to cool down. Do a search here on Audiogon, there is quite a bit of a discussion on the benefits of leaving amps/pre-amps on.
Ya I have left it on but it needs to be powered and working all the time. If I leave it , takes time once I put in a disk the distortion is their for about 20min. I think it might just be time to toss it eh!
You said it! Probably not worth the hazzle. Good Luck!