help with din to rca cable for creek amp?

I recently purchased a Creek audio systems cas 4040 amp. My source is amc cd8b cd player. The cd player has rca outs, the amp (which doesn't have a cd player input) has an aux input, which is 5-pin din. I can't find a cable to connect the two that works! I bought one (brand: Neutrik) cable that the seller said was for b&o equipment, and thinking that as the creek is european design, it might work...but no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Ben
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If you do a search here on the 'Gon or on eBay, you might come across Chord 5-pin DIN to RCA connectors. They usually go for around 50 to 100 bucks, depending on vintage. Alternatively, you could have your favorite set of interconnects terminated in a DIN, although I have no idea how much that might cost.
I think Naim gear uses 5 pin din plugs. You could check to see if a Naim dealer has any cables in stock with RCA on one end.

I have a like-new set of inexpensive cables that are 5 pin din and RCA. They are for a tape deck (4 RCA plugs). The two RCA plugs that are for the input would work with anything I would guess. If you want to try them or if you'd like to try connecting a tape deck to your Creek, send me $10 and I'll ship them to you.

You can either go with Sugarbrie's offer, either pick a cable of your choosing and if it doesn't work, try to modify it. DIN cables were meant (among other things) to be used as a single link between say a tape deck and another. There are 5 pins on the connector; the one in the middle (say no. 3) is the ground, which is common for both input and output. The reason for your cable not working is probably that you need pins 1&2 to be active, while the cable has only 4&5 connected, or vice-versa. (if it's not a "double" cable the other two pins are probably empty). If you're good with a soldering iron, you can customize just about any cable you like to suit your needs - but you'll have to "destroy" one end and add your new connector. Hope this helps.
Correction: I just checked some Neutrik catalogs and I noticed that they are NOT the same as DIN's. I assumed that Neutrik also makes standard DIN's.
My previous advice does NOT apply to the Neutrik. It applies to the connectors found here: I was talikng about item "DIN460005P" (first one on the left, in the photo.)
Thanks to all of you for your quick response and kind assistance. I purchased a Naim cable on the 'bay that the seller said would work, and if not he would refund. So I'm giving those a shot, and if they don't work out, I may look into having someone make me one custom. I am also sending an email to Creek to see if they have a cable they could supply, very interested to see what kind of a response I get! I'll post results of my efforts, and thanks again for sharing your expertise. Ben
I have a British Armstrong reciever that uses DIN connectors, and the ones for B&O and others work fine. I found some on Ebay for $5 for a full Tape Loop(ins and outs). While I was waiting, I went to radio shack and bought a 5 pin DIN plug, and some RCA plugs, and made my own. You can look up the pin configuration. The pins are usually numbered, but if you look at the plug from the back(where you would solder the wires on) the numbering goes from left to right 1 4 2 5 3. The gap is on the bottom.
1 is Left Channel output
4 is Right Channel output
2 is Common
5 is Right Channel input
3 is Left Channel input
I used this for making a phono connector and it worked perfectly. The pins are close together, and it is hard to solder them, but it can be done.
Do you have the manual for the Creek? Usually those manuals have the configuration of the pins (what is wire to what pin). If not, ask Creek if they have the layout of the 5 pins of the Din plug, so you can have cables made correctly if you need to. The pin configuration on the above post is probably correct.