Help with digital cable BNC ?

I just got a Sim audio Moon Eclipse Cd player. I need to get a BNC to BNC Digital cable to connect the digital IN and OUT of the cd... Any recommendations? I was thinking of getting rca to bnc adapters but I don't think it's a good idea... So I will go to a BNC to BNC terminated cable (no adapters).

Here are 3 cables I was offered

- Ensemble DigiFlux cable
- Electraglide Digi glide cable
- Canare Digital cable

Any comments on these choices (they are very differently priced). Also, any other recommentations on digital cable. I'm not looking to spend more than $500US for the cable.

One more thing, I need only a 12 inches cable to connect both sockets. Should I get the shortest cable possible or should I get at least one meter... My audiophile store recommends at least one meter for a digital cable...

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I've used Canare and it seems to work well, I like it better than AES/EBU cable I had and I even liked it better than Illuminations, with my Dac.
With digital cables there is really no way to know until you actually try them. This is one area where it would be really nice if dealers (are you listening, dealers?) would keep 4 or 5 different loaners in stock to allow customers to try out. Instead, the dealers I've had experience with are always pushing just one or two brands which may be good or may be absolutely terrible with your gear.
Try to find reviews of the Moon (, and see what digital cables the reviewers used, to narrow down your choices.
Good luck.
The Apogee Wyde-Eye cables come in BNC and work well for only $50.
The kimber d60 is great-around 270 new...
Side Bar - Anyone know of where the new model of the Wyde-Eye can be purchased online? I believe its called the Apogee A/D WydeEye or something to that effect? Had a hard time finding a place.
I use an Ensemble Digiflux RCA cable and love it!
Buy Apogee at:

I agree with Sugarbrie. The Apogee Wyde-Eyed for $50 US is a true bargain. There may be superior cables out there, but for how much?