Help with Denon phono-stage please

I have a chance to pick up a Denon HA-5000 MM/MC phono.
I can find no info. anywhere.
Any and all appreciated.
Don't know about that one Dave.
Tom! "YOU" stumped?!?! :~)
I know you can help me here.
I can get a nob denon 103s for $150
I think it would be a good match for the phono but Im not positive.
BTW..I picked up my Oracle Delphi MK1 / Alphason HR-100S yesterday ( a steal!).I did some research today and talked to a Oracle owner and it now appears the MK 1 is actually a MK 2 !!

I own one of these (paid $210 on ebay). It is actually an "active" (i.e., has to be plugged in to an ac outlet) MC headamp (not a phono stage and not a transformer), with 2 gain settings, 24 or 32 db; the MM setting provides no gain, so on that setting the unit is effectively doing nothing. All 3 settings mentioned are via a large rotary knob on the front; there is no on/off switch, it's either plugged in or not, indicated by a red led on the front The piece is about 3" high, 4" wide, and perhaps 10" deep (These are approximate.) Mine has a silver faceplate and the box is a light gray. This unit sounds great with Denon cartridges that tend to be a bit rich and laid back, because it seems to increase dynamics, e.g., the 103D (Of course, the sound will also be affected by whatever phono stage you use). When I switched to an Ortofon Kontrapunkt "a" cartridge, which is a totally different animal, however, the sound thinned out and I ended up switching to a different headamp, the McIntosh MCP-1. I prefer this new setup in every respect, but under the right circumstances the Denon can sound just fine.
you the man suretyguy!!
Im glad I did my research first instead of later!