Help with deciding on a small power conditioner

I'm looking for advice, opinions, thoughts on a small power conditioner I can use for each of my Paradigm active speakers, and possibly also a third for a Resoltution Audio CDP and a Cal Audio CD changer.

I have an outlet by each speaker and also an outlet for my front end gear and I've invested in Richard Gray PC's that are not long enough for me to use a one box central power conditioner. I know, I know, just sell the PC's and get new ones. I may do this as a last resort, but want to find out if there are any very good, small condiitoners that I don't know about. Thanks!
One thing you might consider .I had the same issue and didn't want to go the Conditioner route.I eneded up going to Ridge Street Audio and had a custom made "Bloom Box" with,Hardwired 6 foot Poiema P/Cord ,which you'll have to ask Robert to explain. My Bloom Box was made to with 2 High end Duplex plugs with his Z-ter block circuitry included in one package. This enabled me to plug my mono amp cords into and extend to a Direct line outlet.This package far exceeded anything I expected. This maybe a solutuion to your problem It works very well for me......
Two suggestions:

Hydra 2 - $325 used
Quantum Electroclear - $50 new
ps audio ultiamte outlet is the best I can think of.
Don't know what your price range is but Transparent Audio cables make some highly recommended power conditioners that would fit your needs. They come in single,dual,4, or 6 outlet configurations.
Buy a power conditioner for your head-end (CD player/changer/dac/pre-amp). You should hear better space between instruments, more detail and lower noise floor. Leave the powered speakers plugged direct in the wall for the best dynamics.
In two of my systems, I have been hearing how one can achieve the audible improvement attributable to a power conditioner by using the very top of the line Mapleshade Records "conditioner equivalent" power strip. There is no power limiting imposed on amplifiers, and quite the opposite, surprisingly, an enhanced sense of transient slam and speed when I had to use fixed and removable power cords too short to reach the wall AC outlet.
Mapleshade Records top of the line power cord shares the same audible benefits when I was able to honor the dictum that one should plug the amplifier power cord directly into the wall AC outlet, which is usually a great idea.
So, replacing with separate "conditioner equivalent" or "virtual conditioner" power cords is one more expensive approach allowing you to insert each amp power cord directly into its dedicated wall AC outlet
If you want to economically consolidate into one cost effective power strip for all, then place the power amp(s) power cord(s) into the power strip socket(s) closest to the strip's power cord leading to the wall ac outlet.
Edge Electronics makes a four plug conditioner called the ACF1.
Thanks everyone for all the helpful responses. I'm having great fun looking into your ideas...will post when I decide what to try.
I'm nuts about the BPC products- I've owned several. BPC was offering an "Audiogon Special CPC" that is a GREAT unit. If that's still available I'd call Chris Hoff at Balanced Pwer Technologies and JUMP on it.