Help with DCS Purcell/Delius

Need help setting up Delius/Purcell. I am using a perfect wave CD transport into the Purcell/Delius using dual AES mode and have had no problems up sampling . The problem I have is with computer audio signal. I am using a mac pro running Pure Music/iTunes going out via USB to the Berekley Audio Alpha USB. Then from the Berkeley via AES/EBU to the Purcell AES input. I can't play native hi res files at any rate over 24/96 from pure music.
Is it possible to play 24/176.4 and 24/192 files through the Purcell. Do I need to forget the dual AES mode and go direct into the Delius? (I tried this and can't seem to get the Delius to accept the signal from the Berkeley) I can live with up sampling CD to 24/96 if this is the only way. The question is HOW?
Might be worth a read to the link below. Unless there were software updates after this was published, the answer is no.

It accepts input up to 96 output up to 192.

However the newer dCS up samplers will do exactly what you're asking. At the time this product was produced (2001 or so) I don't think their were a lot of 24/196 24/192 files around...