Help with dbx 14/10 eq

After 20 years of perfect functionality, I have a small problem with my dbx 14/10 equalizer. The presets do not retain their "memory" after I turn the unit off. I have a strong hunch that a battery has finally worn out. Anyone else ever have such a problem? Anyone have a service manual or schematic for this unit? Anyone know where to get a replacement "battery" if that is the problem. Anyone know a an expert for repairing these vintage units?


The 10/20 has a door that screws off on the back where you stick the batteries.

Maybe yours does too.
I have the same problem with my 14/10. If you remove the hood you can see the battery on the lower board. Unfortunately its soldered inplace. Although I haven't fixed mine I would bet a local high end store with a repair department could replace it or you might be able to do it yourself. The battery in mine is a Sanyo CR2430 3 Volt.

Any idea where I might find an original microphone or suitable replacement? Mine quit working over ten years ago and its replacement (not original) never worked correctly. Did the origninal have a mono or stereo plug?

Hope this helps!