Help with creating 12V trigger

Hi - I need to figure out a simple, small IR-based trigger solution for my Krell Amp. I have simplified my system (now using just 568.2 as processor, don't need to use my 562V3 which had a trigger output), and now have now trigger output to control my Krell amp. I don't want to have a somewhat ugly and bulky Niles box sitting around (which is also overkill given it's designed for other functions as well). Just need a simple IR on/off sensor with a 12V output. Anybody know of such a simple device or someone I could go to to create one?
Radio Shack used to have an IR remote control Antenna selector for about $40. You may find something used or a similar product for less if you look around. You may be able to connect a cheap 12 volt "wall wart" power supply to an RG6 connector input and then output the twelve volts to your Krell amp when you select a secondary input on the antenna selector box. You would have to do some wiring but it would work and it would be cheap. Make sure you wire the negative lead to the shielded side of the RG6 cable if you do it. Thats just one idea. I don't know why you need remote control unless the amp is hard to reach. It would be easier to send a 12 volt turn on signal without an IR remote. Can you add details and perhaps we can create an easier solution if you provide more information?
For remote power on off of my amp I use a unit made by Zenith that I bought at Home Depot. The unit plugs into the wall outlet and then the amp plugs into this. The remote works by RF so it can be used behind closed doors.
If you wan to go the RF route, search RF Outlet Switch on Google. You will find a number of devices ranging from simple to complex. here is one that will probably do the trick.

Good luck.
Hi - thanks for the ideas. Re Bradearles' question, it's just shear convenience, but don't want to do it at the sacrifice of introducing something into the powerline. I've now invested a fair amount (at least from my vantage point) into high quality power cords into and out of a PS Audio power plant premier. I've just been used to having a Pronto remote turn the whole system on and off and was hoping to recreate that in the current configuration. :)