Help with Classical Music Record Labels.


I have had some good and some bad experience with classical music records so I would like to know what are your favorite recoding labels for Classical?
Which label will always guarantee a great listening experience?
So Far for me Deutsche Grammophon, Decca and RCA Victor are  the best but I am sure there are many others I am not familiar with. 
All input will be greatly appreciated.

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What, no EMI and HMV? These were the favorite labels of HP (Harry Pearson), founder of TAS!
I would include also Mercury, Harmonia Mundi and Erato.

Naxos is v good and often overlooked. I’ll buy almost anything on the label and haven’t been disappointed. 
Fwiw I think DG is overrated. Great musicians but sound to me is disappointing. 
My great aunt, Dorle Soria, was the founder of Angel records. As well as being a producer, she also was looking for talent both new and established and was instrumental ( no pun intended ) in helping new talent get recorded. I can't attest the sound quality of all the recordings, but the ones I have sound pretty decent on my system. Although I may be biased.
No label can even approach guaranteeing a "great listening experience".  Just think of all the variables involved: ensembles and soloists, halls, recording engineers, equipment, etc.

Chandos and Hyperion have a good batting average, as do some of the other names mentioned here.  But really it's on a disc to disc basis.