Help with church system...

We are trying to add some smoothness to our church PA system, by upgrading the amp to digital one - will panasonic saxr45 be able to drive the speakers that are 50 feet away from the amp? The conjnecting cable is that long.

If not, does anyone know of a high power digital amp that will do it?

The present system sounds low-fi, and gives listening fatigue. Doesn't have that smooth luscious liquid quality.

If digital amp is not the way to go, than will hybrid tube and transistor amp the Anthem makes do it?

Please advise - our congregation thanks you, and your expertise...

Efficiency of speakers?
Guage of cable?
Approx. size of space?

Then you will know what you need. Check out the BagEnd Pro line of horn loaded loudspeakers. If too $$$ then look at JBL Pro (not home audio) speakers.

Good luck!
Fiscally I don't know how responsible this would be, but have you considered active speakers?
I strongly suggest you do some reading on sound reinforcement. This isn`t an equipment or cable issue. It`s an acoustics problem that might respond to judicious EQ. or different or additional spkr. placement.
Thanks for all the posts - I will find out all the equipment used and post more info as requested.

We have to sit through a service with abraisive sound of low-fi that gives us head-ach, and generally puts us in a bad mood for the service.

It would be great if we could get it to sound even mid-fi level - like a parasound amp for example.

The speakers are ok I think - they are British made 15 incher. They are hung on the top of our ceiling that is about 30 ft high. It is a big place.

The amps are something like inexpensive Crown or something of that quality.

I will post exact info later.

So, digital amp is not the way to go?

Our budget is not bad - we are willing to do what we must, to make it better.

Our mics are pretty good - they are $1000 AKG.

Thank you and I will keep you posted with more info.