Help with choosing an amp...

I know this is very general, but here's my criteria:

$1000-$1500 used/mint
5 channel, <9" high (to fit my shelf)
silver accent, minimalist look
mainly for music, very occassional movie

I saw a Nad S250 that looks pretty interesting, 125x5, or 200x2. What other amps has a higher rated output for 2 channels? I really like the idea of lower output for movie and a higher output for 2 channel music. Is that not too common? Is this type of amp design a good thing or bad thing?

Any other choices I should look into? Now I have a Rotel-1095 but it's sort of huge and a little big for my shelf. Would love to have all that power for all 5 channels, but I thought it will be a waste if I mainly listen to 2 channel music.

Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated, thanks.
Look at the Aragon 8008x5. It is black with a silver triangle accent, puts out 200W/channel into 8 ohms, 400W/channel into 4 ohms, and has lots of current capability. It is designed to supply power to the channels that need it, so its full power is available for the L and R channels when listening to two channel music, and it has plenty of power available for all channels with movies and surround music. It's a great sounding amp and should sell for around $1500.00 used.