Help with choosing a DVD Player

I am looking for help choosing a new DVD player for my HT set up. MY HT system:

Parasound AVC-2500U Processor
Parasound HCA-2205AT 5 Channel Amplifier
OHM Walsh 5 Mk-2 Main Speakers
Ohm Walsh Center Channel Speaker
Ohm SAT-3 Rear Surrounds
Toshiba SD-5700 DVD Player

Clearly the DVD player is weak link in the system. Although it performs adequately, I am looking to upgrade primarily with the audio quality. I use this system primarily for HT, I have a separate audio system set up in another room. I would like to keep the cost under $1200. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


You could try the Sony DVP-NS999ES for around $1,200.00 or so.

If you shop around a little, I think you can get one for around $900.00 or so.

Good Luck.......

Thanks Charles for the suggestion, Anybody else got any ideas?

You are running the coax out from your DVD to your pre/pro right? Get a Panasonic RP91 ($400 used). The best picture you can buy from ANY progressive scan DVD player and DVD-Audio should you require it.

If you run the coax out to your pre/pro then the DVD is basically used as the transport for audio stuff and thus your pre/pro is responsible for how it sounds.

If you don't need DVD-Audio ability then get the Panasonic XP30 ($199 from ebay NEW). Same picture without the DVD-Audio. Check out for the complete DVD shootout.
I second the Sony 999ES, Great picture and Great sound!