Help with choosing 5 channel amp

Hi, I'm moving my Dynaudio Confidence 1 speakers into my bedroom to set up a home theatre. I'll pick up a SCX Dyanaudio center. For rears, I'll use a wireless Soundcast amp which will drive a couple of Diva Mini Ti's. I need a 5 channel amp. I've been told to look at the Bryston 9B SST2 and the Parasound A51. Anyone have experience with these? At the lower cost end of the scale, someone said to look at the Emotiva XPA-5. My budget, if stretched (and stretched and stretched)could cover a 9B or A51 on Agon. Thanks.
Others I would add to your list would be the Cary Cinema 5 and Cinema 7
Seems to me you need a 3 channel amp for fronts and center. Why ask about 5 channel amps?

The XPA-5 is a great choice IF you need the power and have a limited budget. The other two are more but justify it.

The best that I tried was the Rotel RMB 1095.That "Budget Beast" was fantastic!!! My favorite 3 channel amp was the Acurus 8008x3B
I have always had great success with B&K amps. Rock solid build quality and plenty of low impedence driving capabilities. Very musical also, IMO.

This here B&K 5 channel would easily be do the trick.