Help with CD player upgrade

Well, I have long known that the weakest link in my budget minded system is my cd player. And, even though it may not make sense to do (leave for college in the fall), it's either a new cd player or drugs, and I suppose I'll go with the cd player. My question is what cd player on the used market would be a good match for my acurus dia-100 and paradigm monitor 7s? I currently use a cambridge audio cd4. I don't really have a specific budget in mind, but somewhere around 500 is probably all I can convince myself is worth spending (Given that I'm a/b to go to college). Thanks for the advice, and while I'm waiting for your replies, I'll continue to try and persuade my parents to let me use the college fund for my dream system. As that likely won't happen, I really appreciate any recs. for the best sub 500 dollar used cd player.
My rec is keep yer cd player and go for the drug route.
Any system sounds good when yer snorting cocaine off some strippers boobs. ;)
I agreed with Slappy, You're going off to college and you're thinking about an audio system! Thats not what college is about!!!!!! Buy a boom box - anything else is likely to be stolen or otherwise destroyed.
Slappy, LMAO!!
Audiokidcinci, I have to agree with Slappy, While partying with strippers, I've never once found fault with any audio system.

I'm considering a new upgrade myself now.............
I agree with newbee - buying some audio gear to take to college is a risky deal at best. Way too many opportunities for your audio gear to either get stolen or thrashed by some uncaring nit wit.
When I went to college - many, many years ago - my roomate and fellow fraternity brother was Stewart Cook, the bass player in Credence Clearwater Revival - and the place we lived in was a mess most of the time. Unless you plan to live alone and keep your gear under lock and key - be prepared to see beer can stains in your turntable and lord only knows what leaking into your amplifier.
Though I don't disagree with any of the above posters' fine advice, I would make the following suggestion: look at an inexpensive Toshiba CD/DVD player such as the 3960, (plays everything except SACD), the 4960 (everything including SACD) or the 6915 (5 discs, everything including SACD). The 3960 can be found for approx. $80 at Best Buy, the 4960 for $119 shipped from J&R Music World (last time I checked) and the 6915 for about $145 shipped from J&R. These units sound very good (amazing, really, for the money) and give you the added advantage of use as a DVD player. If you are willing to spend another $250, talk to Doug Jesse at Reference Audio Mods about modding any of the above. Modded, these units compare with CD players way above what you are looking to spend.

Good luck!
Another vote for don't do anything until you have your own place. You already have a nice set-up for a college student.

If you really want something new you might want to check into the new Onix XCD-88. It is a Shanling S100/Music Hall CD25 clone for $399 new at
And remember, if she is sitting on your face and you cannot hear the stereo, then she is too big for ya.

Happy Listening.
They are all right.

I just graduated and the only thing that a college student needs to upgrade is to something universal (though I do not like these players). Your friends are going to have MP3's and DVD's and they are going to be ham-handed slobs and anything nice is going to get damaged.

Sony has a DVD/SACD player out now that retails for $150 and sells for $129 or less.

Try not to rag on those with MP3's; just enjoy the ride and wear a rubber (every time).
Hey John,
What were you considering upgrading, the strippers or audio system ?
Hey Pat,
I'm re-considering my direction, with the good advice from Slappy. I think I could use more strippers and drugs. Selling the whole rig to finance the new direction and going with just my new OTL tube headphone amp. Plugged into my Hydra of course! LOL!