Help with CD player

What's a good CD player new/used for around $600.00 or less? I have a pair of Revel M-20's, driven by a Plinius 8200 integrated amp. I listen to everything from classical to rock. I've considered the Rega Planet. Any ideas? Thank you all in advance.

The Rega is a great choice. Another good choice used is the Rotel RCD-971. For brand new under $600 is the Cambridge Audio D500SE ($399).
The Rotel 971 would be a good choice if you plan on doing some mods, check out the LCAudio stuff at There is a new player just out from Music Hall for $600 that would be well worth investigating. The stock Rotel is much better than the Cambridge, I would also take it over the rather dull Rega Planet any day.
Have Fun
get a planet 2000 model. worlds better than the original, and better than the 971.
I think the audio refinement complete is a nice choice in this price range....very musical.
The Planet 2000 is a good choice,The Complete is a nice player.I heard it with some Silverline Sonatas.The Planet 2000 is better.Its worth the strech.
I have not heard the Planet 2000 but I'm always amazed how well my original Planet holds its own when compared against other (pricier) units I've tried.
Don't ignore auditioning any of the Arcam Alpha series of CD players, if you get a chance. I think they are as musical as the Rega models, but with slightly more detail, and slightly more control in the bass.
You should be able to pick up a few of the models for less than $600 used.
Thank you all for your advice. They all sound like good ideas and I'm going to check each one of them out.

If you can find an Arcam Alpha 9 for that money, or hopefully less, it may be a very nice match-up. This player has the Ring DAC thats in the current offerings from Arcam (CD 92 and FMJ CD23) and does a great job of getting you all the info in quite a musical presentation.