Help with CD player 1000

Hi all..

I am looking for a CD player for use with my Stax Omega phones. Since I've dropped the cash on the phones, I want a good sounding CD player, but I really would like to keep the cost around $1K. Here are some ideas.. any opinions?

Theta Miles Balanced
The Stax amp is fully balanced, and I like the idea of a fully balanced cd player. Also of use would be the analog gain controls since the Stax amp doesn't have a remote - and these phones are generally listened to while laying in bed. On the bad side.. the analog gain stage (if it cannot be taken out of the signal path) and the fact that this is quite old technology.

Arcam Alpha 9 or cd 92
Obviously, the ring DAC is the big thing here. On the downside, it isn't balanced, and I wonder about the quality of the power supply (I've heard they can hum, and get hot).

More expensive than I would like, but I get the ring dac and a better power supply. Still not balanced. Because of all the press, I wonder if a used one at $1400 is really much of a deal - everyone wants this player.

Assemblage 3.x and cheap transport
Still more expensive, but now I get fully balanced analog. But I'll have more cables (and thus jitter), etc..

What do you think?
I own the Theta Miles (unbalanced) and am very pleased with it. As to your concerns about the analog volume control being old technology; I don't think old necessarily makes it bad. The analog volume control is supposed to be better than digital and is used by other higher $ cdp manufacturers. I'm not sure that you will find the balanced Miles at $1k (usually $1100-1300) but who knows.
I haven't heard the Arcam so I cannot compare them to the Miles. I can say that the Miles is forgiving of poor recordings, has a good soundstage, plays all things well, and has great bass extension.
I own the Linn Genki and it's superb. You can find it in great shape used for about $1000 on Audiogon.
The Linn is a good choice.I heard it up against the CD 72 no contest.Also trounced a Musical Fidelity A3CD.Used they are great Value.
I own the FMJ CD23. One of the most musical CD players that I've ever heard. Also provides more low level detail than most players in the sub $2500 range. If you have the extra cash, it's well worth the money.