Help with CD Player

Hello fellow music lovers,

I am new to the site and need some help to find a new CD player.

I have been to many local store to listen to different player, but most are out of my price range. Most of the stores only carry the very high end products.

Looking for a musically sound but well built CD player for $1500. Please give me some suggestions.


There is a Bryston BCD-1 for an extra 450(rated class A in
Stereophile)on this site.I find she's a superb player,I have one.For me she does everything right,especially using the analog out of the cdp.
If you already have a CD player and are looking for upgrade, I think it would be far more cost effective to just buy a DAC like the Benchmark DAC-1 to use with your existing CD player.
The best player in that price range, IMO, is the Rega Apollo. Designed to sound as analog-like as possible, it has a much warmer sound, and greater soundstage, and better imaging than any other CD player I have ever heard costing a few times it's price. However, Sidssp's suggestion is also a good one, I had a friend just add a DAC with very good results.
Hi, thank you for your helpful response.

Has anyone here listened to any CEC Cd Players?
Two players too consider in your price range. IMO. The SQ-12 from a store, Quest for Sound. Stephen is a great quy to deal with. I have this unit myself. And I have found some of the Cambridge Audio players to be quite nice. Alot of nice ones out there, fun hunting.
I've listened to the CEC TL-51 CD player and was very impressed. It delivers a very smooth, well integrated sound. Silky highs and transparent through the midrange. Only slight negative was that the bass seemed slightly lean compared to the Musical Fidelity. Otherwise I rated it extremely highly. I'm not sure about the durability of the belt drive.

Personally, I would go for the Musical Fidelity A5 which can be had for around your price target. Tremendously musical player!
get a Raysonic 128 new or used
Cambridge Audio 840C. Very nice player.
As Drummermitchell suggested, save up for the used/demo Bryston BCD1.
First off, what is it that you consider missing from your current CD player?

Not knowing exactly what deficiency you're looking to correct, I would consider a Sony XA7ES or XA777ES (this can do SACD as well). They're built like a tank and sound good, and should be available on the used market from $1000-1200 or so.

Other options include DAC's to use with your current player and possibly computer-based audio in the future. Some considerations would be an Electrocompaniet ECD-1, Benchmark, and Bel Canto DAC3.

You're willing to spend $1500, but for a fraction of that you could have a Music Hall CD-25, which is a very strong player for the money. There are also upgrade modifications available for it that supposedly make it even stronger. It's a great bang for the buck.

Hello, thank you for all the great response. My CD transport is not tracking well and I do have a DAC, from Enlightened Audio, very old DAC.

What are your takes on CD players with a tube output stage? Has anyone heard them? You feedback is appreciated.

buy a refurb sony 595 for $60 from sonystyle, listen and then send it back, or put your $1440 in the bank, and smile. This will change your audio life.
I own 2 tubed players- Raysonic 128 -highly recommended! Jolida JD 100 - I have a modded one-if you can get a modded one it's a budget-player king on the used market.

I also own the Bryston BCD-1 which is an excellent solid state player. At a 1500 budget I'd be looking for a used Raysonic.
Hi jazzpiano - my brother actually has a CEC CD player and likes it, though he prefers a brighter sound than I do - for me, the CEC stuff is too bright. I prefer the warmer sound of the Rega. Many digital recordings are more than bright enough (especially in the early days of digital recording) without your player adding to it IMO. I have not heard any tubed CD players yet, though I would be very interested to sometime. The PrimaLuna one gets very good reviews, both formal and in the forums.
I totally agree with the above posters on the Raysonic cd-128. I have had most of the mentioned players from above.
It plays well above its asking price.

If you see one on here........GRAB IT!
The Musical Fidelity I mentioned earlier is a tube output CD player. Very smooth presentation but not lacking in detail either. If you like a transparent rendering of what's on the disc, I can highly recommend. I also have the Cayin CD-17T which is a tube output player and also very good for the price which would be close to your target amount. Not quite as neutral as the MF or CEC - if you like a drop of added warmth, the Cayin is your style.
The sony scd-xa5400es is a steal at 1k. Huge soundstage
detail galore without the digital haze present in most
players today. You get a "you are there" musical impression
very vivid and captivating. I am looking forward to reading
the review in this month's stereophile.