help with cartridge set-up

I am in Scottsdale,Az. and would VERY MUCH appreciate being put in touch with respected person for tonearm and cartridge set-up of my analog front end...

I am seemingly "fat fingered" and a novice for such a delicate project and do not wish to ruin my investment!...:-)

Thanks to all,

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Where are you? I live in Scottsdale!
Hey Mark!

I am just North of Cactus Road and 84th. street on a road they call Sweetwater.

Need someone with experience and a steady hand along with the tools to dial in the cartridge /arm interface.

Know of someone you'd trust?
Need help asap as i have time constraints

I too live in can I help What arm and cartridge do you have Stan
Arm is a Reed and the cart is the Allnic Puritas2...
Did you get your cartridge set up?