...help with building some great soundz?

I'm finally trying to build a decent sounding system using a few pieces i already have. (a set of Totem Staff speakers and a Rega P2 turntable). I've been looking at a few different choices in a similar price range... what do you think?

1. Rogue Atlas & Metis
2. Naim 122x/150x and cambridge 640 phono
3 VTL TT25/Audible Illusions Modulous 3A

Definately open to comments or suggestions!!

You will not be disappointed!
If the power of choice #3 will work,then I would look at the PrimaLuna PL2 and Aqvox phono.You will have about 40W to play with and a phonostage to last a life-time.Not to mention,one fewer connections.
there are many preamps worthy of audition. determine your price range and then make a list of all of them.
listen to as many as you can. your education begins with the first of a preamp on your list.

personally, having auditioned the vtl and modulus preamps, i would not consider the modulus. however, my attitude is of no relevance to your ears.

it is better to gather facts and make up your own mind, free of the influence of the opinions from others.

opinions are not the truth.