Help with budget DVD/CD player

Sorry if this question has already been beaten to death, but it's been a while since I've been here so here goes: I am going to take the plunge and buy a dvd player, which I will also use as a cd player in a bedroom 2nd system. I have a marantz av receiver (no dts or dolby digital) I will use only analog (2 channel) audio connections, I know I know, but I honestly don't need to hear bullets and car crashes whizzing around the room. However, I may eventually add a center channel. OK, so I have done a bit of research both here and at audio review, and it seems like pioneer DV-343,DV440 ($139,$169) gets alot of good reviews, particularly with regard to good cd playback. The panasonic RV31K($159) also does ok. So, I am looking for some help here. I will use this player about 70%/30% HT/2-channel audio. Any suggestions or reccomendations would be extremely helpful. Btw, this site is awesome, and although I haven't used it in awhile, it has helped me out both for reviews/discussions and purchases in the past. Keep it up!!

Chris, I have been using two of the lower priced Pioneer DVD players, one [525] with a Bel Canto DAC1, and another that was modified by Stan Warren at Supermods. They have been doing quite well mechanically. I find the tray mechanism kind of flimsy, but never a problem. I bet you would like either one. If I remember correctly, make sure they both have the Burr-Brown 24 bit dac. It is well thought of. Good luck, Charlie
Hi Chris,

I agree...those Pioneer models are really tough to beat for the price. The have good Burr/Brown DAC chips in them...they're some of the few players that pass a true 24/96 signal...they have put out great pictures...and like Charlie mentioned above, you can have Stan Warren (or several others) modify it for $250-ish and make it into player that competes in the $1000 and under range as far as audio goes. Those are some pretty great selling points.
I've owned the following: Sony DVP-S7700, RCA 5223P, Technics DVD-A10 and Pioneer DV-440. I've had a difficult time settling on the features I've wanted. I had found the video quality to be nearly identical in most of them, with the Technics being superior for music (2-channel and added DVD-audio). The last I bought was the Pioneer DV-440. I had it for 2 days and took it back. The video was horrible. It had such bad artifacts during fast motion scenes that it was nearly un-watchable. The unit I had was the biggest POS I've ever owned. Other than the Pioneer, they were all very good for video. For 2-channel the best was the Technics, then the rest were a toss up.