Help with Bright B&W 802H

I have brand new B&W 802N,Meridian 506.20 CD player,McIntosh 532 amp, Adcom 750 preamp,Synerg. Res. Phase I Lumenescence single ended interconnect from CD to pre and Phase II Kalediscope from pre to power. AudioTruth Forrest bi-wire speaker cables. My system is too bright despite speaker placement. Great besides that. Any hints would be appreciated.
Try taming structure borne resonances with something like a vibraplane or arcici suspence rack... They will remove alot of brightness & midbass mud from your sound. Aditionally, they will help your soundstage recreation if your room & set-up permit.
Dear Gangaku, do the things that does not cost you money first. If you have spikes or cones on yr CDP,first try playing without them. The original rubber feet might be just fine. Cones are perfect couplings, but vibration from the rack itself if present would feed right back to the CDP & other gear too. I assume you have completed "run-in" your system. Are your cables on a trail period? see if the dealer would let you try others in exchange. Interconnects and spkr cables do make great differences from my experience; though not much you can do for the electronics. I had a similar brightness problem on my ML Aerius. I'd since got them right by changing to Monster cables; good value no fancy stuff at realistic prices. Email if you need details.Glad to share this. Phil.
I have had a similar problem using Audioquest.Has a tendency to dryness/brightness. I would try a cardas s/cable or if you can move up to the meridian 508/24player(i have currently).this cd player is very analog like in sound!
I agree that AQ wire tends toward brightness. I use AQ speaker wire only for bottom end of biwire, with VandenHul silver for top end. Also, I use VandenHul The Second from CD to preamp. Very smooth, with lots of air, good soundstage, etc.