Help with Brahms CD's

I have a recording, on the Teldec label, of his first Piano Trio by the Tro Fontenay. I love that recording. I noticed that Fontenay have all three B's piano trios on a label called APEX. Anybody know if these are the old Teldec recordings, or are they new?
Also this trio recorded Brahms's piano quartets for Teldec, and I can't find this one anywhere.

Any info. on these would be greatly appreciated.


Steve O.
Did you try

I've found them to have a wider selection of classical music (at good prices) than anywhere else.

Plus their search /indexing function is great ... far ahead of other online sites.
Trio Fontenay's complete Brahms Piano Trios are (or were?) on Teldec Ultima 8573 87792-2. I don't have the Apex numbers but they are the same performances. The advantage of the Ultima set is the 2-disc format. If you like the Brahms Piano Quartets don't miss the Hollywood Quartet collection on Testament SBT 3063. Glorious and almost unsurpassable, in fine mono sound which reproduces well even on very revealing systems.
No dice at arkivmusic, but that looks like a good place to buy from. Thanks for the tip Sean.

I can get the Apex ones as imports. Good to know they are the old Teldec recordings. The Teldec/Fontenay piano quartets seem to be a real mystery. American Record Guide recommends it highly, gives the CD no. as Teldec 44924, but I haven't been able to find it listed anywhere; even as an out-of-print one.


Steve O.