Help with bookshelfs

I am looking at sv VR-1, Focal 806v and PSB-g1.
Any suggestions for about 1K?
Presently have Energy RC-10, Marantz 6001 etc.
Like smooth jazz, electronic jazz, blues guitar, classical.
Consider the Focal 706v as it has the same drivers as the 806v for less money. The only difference is the cabinet thickness and finish. My local Focal dealer recommends the 706v for a bookshelf and then goes to the 800 Chorus series for the floorstanding speakers. The 807v is a model that is unique to the 800 series that might also be of interest to you.

I've only heard a couple of PSB speakers and while they sound good I prefer the Focal sound.
The difference between the Chorus 700 and 800 series speakers is cabinet thickness, finish and the 800 series floorstanding models add a bottom port. The listed specs on the 706v and 806v are identical and the price difference is $250. I'd be willing to be it would be nearly impossible to tell them apart in a blind test.
Von Schweikert VR-1's will give you the sound you want in an efficient good looking package.

The VR-1 is easier to drive than the Focal 706v/806v.

When you see the finish on the VR-1 you will think it costs $4,000. This is a great speaker for the money.
Daber Audio Monitor 3 speaker. Still may be on sale, if so really worth a look see and hear.
I would also consider the ProAc 1sc based on your music preference
Older set of Merlin TSMs?
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I had both the VR-1 and quad 12L, I much preferred the quad because it was more musical and better soundstage, since then moved to active version even better, ymmv
For your type of music, a used pair of Sonus Faber Concerto monitors would fit the bill nicely.
For your type of music...Magnepan MMGs...if you want a real change...some good choices mentioned...but more lateral moves IMHO...go big!