Help with best way to connect a transport to a DAC

I currently have my McCormack SST-1 transport conected to my MSB DAC III (full nelson w/ an AES/EBU input ) with a stantard coaxial connection.

I'm considering 1 of 2 options:

1) The SST-1 can be upgraded with an AES/EBU output (but I'm not sure where to get that done or the cost)

2) To purchase the Monarchy Audio DIP 24/96 anti-jitter filter which includes an AES/EBU output (approx $150 used)

Thanks for any feedback
survey says AES/EBU balanced. Its correct IMO.
If your DAC will decode 24/96, then I would go with the DIP and then aes/ebu to the dac.