help with bedroom set up

I have a cayin KT 88 with some nice Atacama speakers stand in silver, i would like to find a pair of monitors to match this tube amp!

I do love reference sound, I own the acoustic Zen Crescendos with the Ayon Triton on my main system, I am sure you guys can help me to decide from your own experiences.

I was thinking on Nola Boxer, cause I would like to stay on budget new or used market!

Any inputs highly appreciated!

I will wait for your advice to make any further move.

Thank you in advance.

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I've driven ProAc 1sc's with my 88, and was well pleased.
I had Proacs Studio 110 driven by Mcintosh-mc-225 (1pr.)and lot's fun and well satisfied.But sold my system for financial reasons.
Look into Omega Loudspeakers. Louis builds a number of different modles depending on your needs. His prices are resonable and you can always find some used here on the Gon. Omegas really sing with good quality tube gear.
Good luck,