Help with Bat 300XSE "Phono Module" Cartridge ? ?

I have a Bat 300 XSE 6H30 Super Tube Integrated Amp with the PHONO MODULE installed and I want to get back into Vinyl and I do not understand the various cartridges being Moving Magnet or Moving Coil?
Can I use either? What is recommended? Or does this also have to do with what TT I go with? If it does have to do with the TT I will likely go with a VPI.
Input from others with the same Bat that is into vinyl would be appreciated.
Thanks for your help,
Hi, I have a BAT VK51se and VKP10se. The phono module in your BAT can do MM or MC. Your choice. The cart choice will depend on what table you go with, plus your phono section. I'd likely stay away from very low out put MC's, like .5mv or under.

I hope this helps somewhat...