Help with Bang & Olufsen Beogram RX

I recently received a Beogram RX in really great condition from a family friend. It plays the newer heavyweight vinyl albums perfectly, but anything else it plays with a lot of static --- even the ones that are in mint condition.

Does anyone have any thoughts about what the problem might be? I really don't know anything about record players, and since I'm a pretty casual listener, I'm hoping to find a cheap fix for this, definitely less than $100. Right now it has an original MMC-3 cartridge on it.

Thanks for the help!
cartridge replacement
Dear Blnd2sp11: The MMC3 is really a good cartridge and I don't think is the culprit.

Cleaning with a good clean machine like the VPI with a good LP cleaner can help to that problem. The antistatic gun from Dishwasher is another alternative as could help that the audio room enviroment be in not to dry condition.

Btw, Mlauner: why do you recomended a cartridge change? do you know a specific trouble on the static subject with the MMC3?

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thanks for the cleaning suggestions. In case it is a problem with the cartridge, do you know any cheap alternatives to the MMC3 cartridges? Is it possible to just replace the stylus rather than the whole cartridge?
Dear Blnd2spll: You have to clean the stylus cartridge too and then see it through a microscope or similar tool to identify if the stylus is in good condition.
If is in good condition I can't imagine how the cartridge could be the culprit, at least I never read or experienced something about.

Cheap alternative?, I don't think you need it. If something wrong with the stylus when you see it by the microscope then you have to send the cartridge to Soundsmith to re-tip.

Regards and enjoy the music,