help with B&K Ref 30

I have some questions about the on screen display on my Ref 30. Except for DVD Audio,whenever I watch a DVD movie the on screen display reads "DVD analog 2.0 48K", DTS or DD. The same holds true for watching satellite. The processor is in either the surround 6 or 7 mode. I get sound from all 5 or 7 speakers. I have a digital coax interconnect from the DVD player to the B&K for audio, as does my Satellite. I would think the on screen display would read "digital 5.1 or 6.1 48k".I have my DVD player set to output the digital bitstream and I go into the DVD dics' menu and choose either DD or DTS. What's with this? Is this how it's suppose to be?
Call BK tech support at (716)656-0026.
It sounds as if you have your DVD input configured for "analog" instead of "digital". Go back to the configuration steps and select "digital" as the default for that input. The correct sequence should be in your user manual or contact your B&K dealer to assist. Good luck.
Most all DTS soundtracts have the DTS logo;with the piano. If you see it; your player is set right. If you can also hear it;the display is wrong.
Thanks for your responses. There is no choice for Digital or analog in the Ref 30 input set up that I can find. the processor is suppose to automatically search for a ditital bitstream via coax/toslink first and if none it searches for the 2 channel rca signal (according to the manual). When I watch a movie in DTS I see the DTS logo with the piano so I must be receiving the DTS signal, I just don't understand why my processor face reads "pro-Logic analog" and why the on screen display reads 2.0 analog ? The unit is going back to B&K to be exchanged because the V1 input is dead, so I haven't called B&K about the "on screen" info problem. I was just wondering if other B&K owners have the same display on their units as mine or does it read DD/DTS, 5.1 etc.
I had the similar problem when I first hooked up mt Ref 30. It was because I did not configure my DVD player to output the digital signal. Thus do some setup on your DVD player instead of on the B&K Ref 30.
Also, there is probably and audio setting in your Satellite receiver that will enable the digital out to transmit 5.1 when available. My Ref30 behaved like yours on Satellite, until I changed the setting on my Satellite receiver
I had exactly this problem. Most likely what happened is that the digital connector INSIDE the B&K has fallen off in shipping. It connects to the top of the unit, so it can wiggle off. Just open up your B&K and re-connect it. It is the wide, flat connector.

This is a known problem and they are looking into locking connections.

John, you were exactly correct. Thanks for the info. Don