Help with Avalon Opuses

I am looking into getting a pair of Avalon opus speakers. I Would like to know the best amp choice with these for around $3500. Also would like to pick up a used pair of opuses but can't find any used.Anybody seen any? Cd player is Res cd 50 directly to amp. Music Is mainly jazz, female vocals
Sounds like an awesome setup, I would look into gettting the best Jeff Rowland you can afford or add a little bit and try tubes like BAT VK-120 mono's. I tried to get a rowland model 5 but ran into a lot of problems, and ended up getting a BAT VK-60(the stereo version of the VK-120) and it is amazing, I have avalon eclipse which are the little brothers to the Opuses. Where are ya Kelly I know you have more experience with avalons then anyone else I know, someone needs your help. Good luck Tim The Tire Guy
Tireguy, it's funny you mention the bat 'cuz i have a vk60 already. I was going to trade it on a ss amp because i heard the avalons need PoWer.
Hey Streetdaddy,
I've got a pair of Opus, which I they're not for sale! I use a Spectral DMA-150 with a Spectral preamp and I think they're great together. The build quality of Spectral is second to none and the 150 has plenty of power to drive the Opus to any level you want and can stand. However, if you're planning to run your CD 50 straight into an amp,
Spectral doesn't recommend that it's my understanding. You might be able to run the CD 50 into a Mark Levinson, possibly a Rowland, and maybe a few others I'm sure. I play vinyl so I need a preamp. Make sure you get an amp that has enough power, because the Opus will need it to sound their best. There aren't a lot of used Opus around. I think I remember seeing only a pair or two here on Audiogon within the last six months. If you can find a pair, jump on them; I'm sure you'll be pleased with their performance and craftsmanship.
streetdaddy: the last commercial recording done by john hartford, of which i'm aware, is "big rock candy mountain," from the cd inspired by o brother, where art thou, "down from the mountain." if you don't already own it, buy it. listen to the "traditional" lyrics john sang. listen again. pretty soon, if you finally "get it," you'll be able to answer your own queries. -kelly
If tubes are your thing than try the Mesa Baron.I dig mine and can get 150 wpc in full Ppentode.Other folks out there are more in the know but the ability to switch the sucker on the fly according to what tunes I am lsitening to can't be beat.Right now using an efficient pair of monitors but am looking foward to getting a pair of big un's like the AP Virgo or 803N's.Still 150 watts for $4K list and good deals to be had used is hard to beat.Not sold on using EL34 instead of stock tubes (5881's)hear differing oppinions.
i use to think that the speakers were the most important part in the chain. they are not. if you spent more money on some powerfull tubes ,you could get by with less expensive avalons.
Stdaddy: generally speaking, Avalons support wide-bandwidth reproduction, they have speed & superlative dynamics. So, you'll need horsepower, fast (slew rate), and precise amps. Which brand? It's up to your musical tastes to make the choice.

If you fancy hi frequencies going beyond 20kHz in the deal (SACD, DVD-A, do extend beyond 20kHz), then wide bandwidth amps are something to look out for.
See Ucmgr's perceptible audio nirvana with Spectral gear.

Good luck!