Help with AV preamp/processor

Please help me choosing the right AV preamp/processor for my system.

Inputs: blueray, airplay, raw streaming from the computer, sat/cable system.
Connected to Samsung latest 4K TV (UN78HU9000FXZA) for video output, and an audiophile-grade sound 5.0 system (~$40k value).

- Amazing audio quality. Top DAC with jitter suppression.
- Warm and deep sound - will be using it for stereo music (2.0 with serious speakers via power amp), mostly instrumental / vocal, in low/mid volumes - quality is the priority.
- Supporting 4K and 3D for video.
- Balanced XLR outputs.
- Need only 5.0 channels, maybe at some point will add 2 sides, so any 7.1/7.2 would suffice.
- Would be great to have an internal AirPlay support, not to use a separate Apple TV only for that...
- Price does not matter

Have been looking at Emotiva XMC-1, Marantz AV8801, Yamaha CX-A5000, but there are also many other products from Anthem, Onkyo, Integra etc.
I'm a newbie and don't have any experience with any of these, but have to buy online and therefore fully rely on your professional recommendations :)

Thanks a lot in advance!
You might want to look at the Anthem D2v, Bryston SP-3, or Classe CT-SSP.

also consider Krell Foundation, great reviews. there is a used unit here on the 'gon for $4k.
Most manufactures will be releaseing new A/V processors for the new sound format, 11.1, for ceiling effect speakers in time for CES, since that is not needed by you, you may do well with a current model close out. I prefer Marantz sound over Integra, and most don't like Emotiva due to reliability concerns.
How do you like your new Samsung curved 4 k TV? I am thinking of getting that unit as well. Did you compare to the Sony?

Google the NuForce AVP-18 reviews

All digital HDMI inputs with no legacy inputs.... This is the "disposable" part of the HT system as the CODECS change

Highly recommended
I had a Meridian 861 I thought was pretty good all around. Its made in a way that's easy to upgrade.
I (very happily) use an Onkyo 5509 pre-pro in my (very elaborate) 2 channel, music only system, FWIW.

There's an interesting situation that arises when/if your 2 channel, music listening involves subwoofers. To my ear, the bass management/room EQ capabilities in this circumstance tend to outweigh the "purist" circuitry of high-end pre-pros. I own the Onkyo and a Theta Casablanca (original) and, tho the Theta sounds great as an analog pre with a traditional stereo set-up, I much prefer the Onkyo for 2.2 listening. I also prefer the Onyo to my ARC LS 25 and my Joule line amp for 2.2 use.

So, if the subs are on-line for music, I'm happy with a good Audyssey xt-32 enabled pre-pro like my Onkyo.

If I were disabling the subs for two channel, I might re-think my priorities and go with (or, at least listen hard to) one of the high end manufacturer's products.