Help with AudioQuest Cables

Does anybody have the hierarchical listing of the old audioquest cables. I'm looking to see what cables are better than others, and am unable to do this. Their web site does not list any of the old cables anymore. I would also like to see where the old cables stand against the new ones. This would be nice for people that are looking to buy some of the older models.
I may have a printout around of their old product lineup. As I recall, starting from the bottom, there was a model or two below the Topaz, which was the best of x2-construction. The first of the x3 Hyperlitz was the Ruby, which has been replaced by the Coral (there may be internal differences between the Ruby and the Coral, but it's not apparent from the product descriptions). Going up in price, there was the Quartz, Lapis, and Diamond. Not sure this is helping you much - I'll try to find my old printout and post it here for you and others.
Email me, and remind me what you're looking for.... I've got a brochure at home.
Speaker or interconnects
I'm looking for both speaker and interconnects. Any help would be appreciated!
topaz, ruby, quartz ,opal ,emerald ,lapis, diamond, crystal, midnight, , forest , clear ,sterling ,dragon ,
The very LAST thing AQ, and their dealers, want you to do, is buy used cables instead of their new cables. That's likely the main reason for the change in nomenclature. Perhaps they saw that too many people were buying their old cables from consumers, rather than buying new ones of the same model from their dealers. It's all just know, cause they gotta have that new money coming in. The technology looks the same to me, as in the old line: "triple balanced, hyperlitz, hyper pure, grain optimized, spread spectrum technology" yada yada, with "perfect surface" being the new buzzword...seems like you'd want long grain all the way throught the conductor, not just a "perfect surface". If you want a silver AQ interconnect, the Amazon model is your only's like quadruple the price of the previous all-silver Diamond x3. They must think their market has suddenly exploded in size...It might, if enough of you guys stop wasting money on $50,000 SUV's to pull your $50,000 bass boats...who am I kidding, that'll never happen!!
I just bought all my Audioquest cables (which are used!) from a dealer and I was just wondering if I want to ever upgrade to another set of Audioquest cables, where do I go? I currently have Opal interconnects, Crystal and CV-4 speaker cable for my Vandersteen 2CE Sigs. I'm running the Crystal to my low frequencies and the CV-4 to my highs. I asked people which cables should be run to the highs and which to the lows, and people were telling me the Crystal should go to the highs because it's a better cable. I was running my old Type-4 to the highs while I waited for my CV-4 to arrive and when I made the change, the difference was huge. I was told that mid to high freqs. run on the surface of the cable where as the low freqs. run along the inside. I don't know if this is true, but the CV-4 (PSC) was better sounding than the Type-4 (LGC) on the highs. BTW, I dont own a $50K Truck nor a $50K boat. Thanks for all the advice, but I'm still looking for a listing of the cables for upgrade purposes in the future.
I'm pretty sure it went like this. Interconnects: Turquois, Topaz, Ruby, Quartz (later became Opal), Emerald, Lapis, Diamond. Newer versions had the same name followed by X2 or X3. Speaker wire: Type 2, Type 4, Indigo, Midnight, Cobalt, Forest, Clear, Sterling, Dragon. I think Crystal was later added in between Indigo and Midnight and Cobalt removed out of the line-up. The speaker wire underwent much more change than did the interconnects - i.e., they added flat wire, in-wall, etc. I'm about 95% sure this was the line-up in sequence. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
Trey you were very close, but you missed Argent speaker cable which was above Forest and below Clear, and Jade ICs which were below Turquois.....good memory though, Sam
Thanks Sam, that's right!