Help with Audioconnects

I am running SONY 9000ES as SACD/CD
Mark Levinson 380s Pre-amp
Mark Levinson 334 amp.

Which are the best interconnects to use for this combination?
The best for the $$$? Or simply the best? Big difference here. A price range will help narrow things down to 10 or so, rather than the sky. peace, warren
Well I tried a bunch of IC's and I think you will like KAS Audio Maestro's. Check their website at and go with the unshielded ones. I have a 380S hooked up to a Classe CA-400 amp with a top of the line Denon CD player and with these KAS cables my system never sounded better. Dave
My components are Sony SCD-1 and Krell electronics. The Pure Note Epsilon Ref. is great for the money. If money is no object then Siltech Compass Lake or the new G6 line.