Help with audio racks

Can anyone recommend a fairly ridged 4 or 5 shelf rack with wooden shelves in the $300-$400 range. It will be used with a turntable. Thanks.
Yes, I would be interested in some opinions as well.
Pretty tough to get a quality wood rack with 2 shelves,never mind 4 or 5 shelves..Keep in mind wood is expensive and so is labor..If you look at some of the qualty wood racks ( plenty out there ) most I can remember are way over $1000...You best bet might be to find a older rigid Target or Sound Org. or something of the like,until you can afford an all wood stand..Check out Timbernation and look at some nice quality racks and his prices....Be prepared ..........
As mentioned,thats a tough one to score at that price.No original idea here except find an out of luck/work carpenter and a close by sawmill.Make him an offer/barter.CL has some great options I've found.I use it alot.2 years ago when I moved I needed a pickup for 2-3 loads after the moving van came and went.Guy turned out to be a computer freelancer also.Were good friends now.I got him some geeksquad action and he helps me with thangs...sorry to wander,good luck,Bob
Try the Atlantis rack, which are on closeout at a number of dealers, including Search on Audiogon in racks and stands, I think the link and current pricing is there
Go to the Music Direct site and check out the Solid Steel line. They are exceptional buys and make really are one of the best buys for the money. The quality and sonics, are first rate. Several of my friends and I own these and have verified similar results with very different systems/components.
You would have to stop being so CHEAP and get the Mapleshade