Help with Audio Alchemy DTI-PRO

I recently purchased an Audio Alchemy DTI-PRO (not 32) and need some help with the digital coaxial cable inputs. I hope people who are familiar with this unit can help me. My only options for the digital input and output is digital coax. I have two Audio Alchemy powered digital coax cables I use for the in/out. As you may know, the digital coax in/out is a BNC hookup. I had to purchase 2 BNC to Phono adapters so the cables and unit could mate. The connections seem sound but the DTI-PRO seems as if it is not getting a signal (I know I am using the correct input). The primary and secondary "lock" lights don't come on and no sound (or anything) comes through the system. Does anybody have any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I should add that I seem pretty confident the unit is in proper working order. Thank you!!!! As you may know, I'm pretty anxious to get this baby fired up so any and all input (from people familiar with this unit) is welcomed!!! Thanks again, in advance.
- Tony
No lock? No sound?!, something is wrong. I've had a Pro and two 32's. Did you disconnect anything with the unit powered up? A friend of mine did and burned up a chip. Call Dusty Vawter at Channel island Audio in port Hueneme.
I had a DTI Pro-32 and had no problems using the gold Radio-Shack BNC-RCA adapters with conventional coaxial cables. You ought to try substituting 2 regular 75-ohm digital or video cables ( even a regular audio patch cord will do for testing ) for the Alchemy DST cables. Then you'll know if the DTI and BNC adapters are working correctly. There may be some idiosyncracy of them in combination with this DTI. I've owned a lot of AA gear, but not the DST. It's worth the trouble considering the improvements the DTI can produce. Good Luck.
The Radio Shack BNC adapters are 50 Ohm, intended for video, not 75 Ohm which is needed for audio. This is not causing the unit to fail, of course, but should be corrected.
Thanks for the help so far guys. I am at work currently but will try using a regular coax cable to substitute the AA powered cable. I'm sure it's not the cable though as the DTI-PRO is replacing a DTI+. The only thing "new" introduced is the DTI-PRO and the Radio Shack BNC to RCA couplers.
The Pro's came with cheap adapters which were not even gold plated and probably not 75 ohms. Why did'nt you buy a Pro 32? The 32' has more computing power, upgradeable chips and the unit does not have to be re-configured after every shut-down.
Same reason I had to buy a chevy instead of a BMW :-)
I turned out to be the DST cable. I used a standard coax as a replacement and got primary and secondary locks. The cable does work with the DTI+ however. Anyway, thanks to for the troubleshooting ideas.